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  • Copy Biomolecules – Analyse SARS-CoV-2 Mutants and Enable Novel Vaccines

    Thursday 15 April 2021

    3:30 [GMT]

    BioCopy invented the biomolecule copier. Basically it is the fusion of a Xerox and the natual information flow from DNA to protein. Imagine a master made of DNA and you are free to select the biochemistry and surfaces to get a copy in terms of DNA, RNA and protein and everything monitored label-free. This enables you also to see kinetics in a label-free imaging mode. So basically imagine a massively multiparallel Biacore, but as movie and without the disturbing gold layer and thermal drift issues.

  • The Move Toward “Self-Driving” Pharmacovigilance

    Tuesday 11 May 2021

    11:00 [EST]

    The world has been dreaming of self-driving cars for over a century. Unimaginable to the average person even 10 years ago, today most developed countries are working on laws to regulate them. Though we might still be a few years away, safety case processing and signal management are also on their way to running in auto-pilot mode and this is good news for your safety teams.

  • Beyond Pricing: Why Pharma needs a 360º view

    Wednesday 12 May 2021

    4:00 [GMT]

    In the webinar “Beyond Pricing: Why Pharma needs a 360º view” you can learn more about: List price vs. transaction price How to maximize your profit Gross-to-net calculations: How and why?

  • Agile Finance: What large corporations can learn from lean start-ups

    Thursday 27 May 2021

    14:00 [SGT / GMT+8]

    Evidence shows that an agile finance function will make better use of capital and provide better support for the business by being a much stronger position to identify and drive growth opportunities*. Agile finance is something that fast-growing start-ups excel in. Therefore we have brought together a selection of agile experts to share with you on how you can create a more agile mindset and strategy, whether you’re in a large corporation or a lean start-up.

  • Has Data Migration Been Accepted as a Challenge in the Pharmacovigilance Industry?

    Wednesday 10 November 2021

    11:00 [EST]

    In an industry as complex and measured as pharmacovigilance, “change” is a dreaded word. Years are spent in putting up processes, tools and software in compliance with different regulations. Thus, safety systems stay in place, no matter how obsolete they become with the evolution of technology.

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