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  • Enhancing Teacher Planning for Effective Learning

    Wednesday 27 October 2021

    16:30 [GMT +11]

    Teachers spend an inordinate amount of time planning lessons with often different planning processes and expectations at the teacher, team, department, and school level. This disparity and lack of school-wide planning processes often leads to tension amongst leaders and teachers and can become a barrier to embedding best-practice pedagogy. So, where should teachers and schools start in embedding best-practice pedagogy across the school and improving workflow to reduce teacher workload? During this webinar a panel of educators will share their strategies, tips, and insights into how to enhance teacher planning activities. Bring along your questions!

  • How can fulfilment automation enable you to stay competitive in a pandemic world?

    Tuesday 02 November 2021

    14:30 [GMT +8]

    Join this exclusive webinar brought to you by Sealed Air and learn from the experts on how fulfilment automation can enable your business to stay competitive and grow during the pandemic. E-commerce has experienced unprecedented growth against the backdrop of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But with this increased growth comes a significantly increased need for digitisation and technology deployment. If you can’t deploy fulfilment automation in your operations, your ability to scale will be significantly hampered. Attend this webinar to learn why fulfilment automation is crucial to your overall strategy.

  • Has Data Migration Been Accepted as a Challenge in the Pharmacovigilance Industry?

    Wednesday 10 November 2021

    11:00 [EST]

    In an industry as complex and measured as pharmacovigilance, “change” is a dreaded word. Years are spent in putting up processes, tools and software in compliance with different regulations. Thus, safety systems stay in place, no matter how obsolete they become with the evolution of technology.

  • Building Connections that Matter for Learners

    Wednesday 24 November 2021

    16:00 [GMT +11]

    The future of education is now. The past twelve months have challenged schools and educators to become agile in the delivery of learning. As a result, schools have had to examine current teaching and learning practices and reflect on what significant changes they will make. In this talk, we explore how technology is being leveraged to forge and deepen connections between our learners, our teachers and our communities. Global, National and Local perspectives will be shared and discussed around these three critical themes of connection. This is a webinar like no other where you will hear concrete examples as well as create new knowledge by interacting with fellow participants, so you build connections that matter.

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